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Feels great to swing!

Posted on: April 16, 2009 8:14 pm

Well, April 16th and I finally made it to the range.  Michigan winters are getting no easier....seem to be actually lasting longer.  My golf league starts Monday night.  I hope this year we have temperatures above 40.  It's always been a surprise what type of weather we may have.  Three years ago, opening night was in the 70s.  Fantastic, since the previous three or four years, we had had cold, rainy starts. After our beautiful opening week, the following Monday we were SNOWED out.  Michigan weather.  So far the weather looks good, but putting stock in the "Meteorologists" is a 50-50 proposition, at best! 

The range was great.  I hadn't swung a club since November.  I got a new R7 Limited Driver and if today's range play is any indication of golf fortunes to come, this could be a great season!  The golfing gods were smiling down on me today with each rip of a golf ball.  Typical for me, though, to go out and have a great day on the range and then get to the course and be completely lost.  I somehow manage to make it through though.  What a great game.  I'm amazed that at 44, I'm hitting the ball as far as I did when I was 20!  I'm becoming a fan of golf technology quickly!  280 off the tee, stiff a wedge to ten feet and then the long off season shows it's true evilness, with a.....3 putt.  I have learned that my short game that suffers tremendously, just like everyone else, I assume.  My local range has a putting green and practice sand trap, but to my dismay, neither were open yet.  Did I mention it's still winter in Michigan?  Putting for six months in my den...

Well, Here's to all of you that read this post.  I hope this golf season brings the best for all.  I'm still looking for my first ACE, double-eagle and sub-par round.  No matter how much you accomplish in this game, there's always more to achieve.  Fairways and greens, new accomplishments and hopefully decent weather!









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Posted on: May 5, 2009 2:37 pm

Feels great to swing!

Hey thanks B&S...Our Wings are doing well...Anaheim is strong team and we look forward to a great series, but us Detroiter's assume we will prevail...As far as the golf, I've been out twice now and am swinging well, but not scoring...As always, my short game is in "Hands of Steel" mode with little to no touch at all...Yesterday I started to stroke my putts again, instead of jabbing at them....tremendous difference...The new driver is AWESOME!  Consistently in the fairway throughout my first two rounds...We'll see...As for your 230 yds...hmmm...I've seen your in-laws live in FL and my father-in-law is a 210 down the middle type of guy too...he makes up for it with his DEADLY short game....inside of 75 yds is almost an automatic up and down for this guy....He KILLS me!!!  Good luck to you this season on the links and I hope to be able to get back in the groove with these threads and write and read more.... Later... 

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Posted on: April 26, 2009 2:34 am

Feels great to swing!

I always enjoy reading your posts U77 , although your not as frequent a contributor as I would like. Good to hear that you have some optimism for the BIG DAWG..that is best is 230yds, I'll blame that on being in my 50's. The Red Wings are looking very strong, it is hard for me to see any other team matching them in depth. My city, Vancouver is very excited about their team..but I do not like their chances against the Wings. In a city & state that are experiencing some difficult times it is good to see that Wings are doingso well. Hit it strraight & score, look forward to more from you in the near future.


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